Japan Karate-Do Organization

Hanshi Minobu Miki and his staff welcome you to The Japan Karate-Do Organization, with two convenient locations located in San Diego and Carlsbad.  Teaching authentic Japanese Karate-Do in the Hokushin Shito Ryu International style, The Japan Karate-Do Organization is dedicated to delivering outstanding results by teaching authentic Japanese martial arts to families throughout San Diego County.  With an unbroken lineage that is over a century old, The Japan Karate-Do Organization represents the best of the Martial Arts World.

We welcome you to learn more about our staff, our Dojo philosophy, and sign up for a free class with no obligation.

Hanshi Minobu Miki, 8th Degree, is Chief Instructor of Japan Karate-Do Organization. 

Born in Japan, Hanshi Miki is from a family of Samurai heritage; his Great-Grandfather was a Chief Minister of the Takamatsu clan. 

Hanshi Miki has been teaching in the United States for over 40 years.  

Sensei Sherry Miki received her Third Degree Black Belt from the late heir of the authentic Shito-Ryu founder Soke Kenzo Mabune in March 2005.  

Sensei Sherry was an AAU National Champion and won many tournaments in both USAKF and AAU National events.  

Sensei Sherry currently holds a USANKF National Referee License and teaches at both JKO San Diego and Carlsbad dojo.

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